Dessert Sauce

Dessert Sauce – 250ml made using home grown strawberries with a refreshing lemon taste to compliment the strawberry. Great on ice cream, milkshakes, drizzled over a cheesecake or on any dessert really.

Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Jam – available in 30ml, 300ml or 1kg lots. Made from fresh strawberries, lemon, sugar and a bit of pectin to help it set. Perfect as a condiment for any use, especially fresh scones from the oven.

Strawberry Chilli Relish

Strawberry Chilli Relish, 30ml, 300ml, 1kg – something different!! Give it a try before you knock it, a sweetness to start with a little heat kick afterwards. We pair it on our beef burgers for that something extra or maybe change out your quince paste for our little pots of relish on your next platter which goes along perfectly with cheeses.


Our Paletas (icy pole with whole fruits) are made using 77% whole strawberries – not just the juice. These are a great ‘treat’ for your kids who think they are having something naughty but it has fruit in it! Using only natural products its great for the young and old.


Granola – 400g, 800g or bulk – the perfect start to the day or a great snack anytime. It pairs perfectly with your favourite yoghurt, milk or a snack by itself. It’s made using rice malt syrup and olive oil (instead of high sugar alternatives) and vegetable oils which could be anything, whole seeds, rolled oats, coconut and cranberries – perfect!

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